Youth Rise Above Training Center Seeks Support for Skills Training and Expansion


By Amara Rogers (AmaZicky)

In a commendable effort to empower the youth through practical skills training, The Youth Rise Above training center in Pujehun District is making waves by providing tuition-free education in carpentry, electrical and electronics engineering, tailoring, building and construction, and various other trades. The institution, which has branches in Jamaica West Indies, US, Sierra Leone and neighboring Liberia are thriving due to community support. This free program has been a catalyst for youth capital development.

Since its establishment in Pujehun District few years ago, The Youth Rise Above training center has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of countless young individuals. Offering tuition-free education has enabled many youths to acquire valuable skills, making them self-reliant contributors to their communities.



Despite their impactful work, the training center is facing a challenge in procuring practical materials for the hands-on training sessions. To address this, the institution is actively seeking means of raising funds to ensure that students have access to the necessary tools and equipment for a comprehensive learning experience.

Youth Minister Theresa Kallon is the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of The Youth Rise Above, she said, in 2020, she heard the voice of God after the passing of her 20 year old son to gun violence by an idle youth on the streets in the US. God placed that desire in her heart to help the idle youth get off the streets and into trade jobs. Then, 20 days later, her father passed, so she decided to open a branch in her father’s land, Pujehun.

She expressed the importance of practical materials in honing the skills of the students. “Our goal is not just to provide theoretical knowledge but to equip these young individuals with the practical expertise needed in their chosen trades. However, we are currently facing constraints in acquiring the necessary materials for hands-on training,” she stated.

However, the YRA is looking for leaders come onboard to assist as well as the entire Pujehun community affected by the idle youth.

In addition to the funding for practical materials, the training center is also focused on promoting the trade services offered by their graduates in Pujehun and beyond. By showcasing the skills and capabilities of their trained youths, The Youth Rise Above training center aims to create sustainable opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship within the communities they serve.

YRA has a very dedicated and hardworking team including the Country Director Patrick Kanyako, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Allen Temoindor, Administrative Officer Victoria Kawa,
Patrick Konuwa and Foday Musa Auto Mechanic Department,
Lansana Fuwundu, Carpentry Department
Issac Koroma and Musa KaiKai, Electrical Installation Department
Moijueh Sannoh, Building Construction Department
Hawa Rogers and Samuel Kamara, Tailoring Department.
Patrick Fullah, Cleaning Department and Security team
Zainab Tucker, John Koroma, and Alusine Mende

The institution encourages individuals, businesses, and philanthropic organizations to support their cause, emphasizing the positive impact on both individual lives and the broader community. As they continue to strive for excellence in skill development, the training center remains committed to fostering a generation of skilled and empowered youths, contributing to the socioeconomic development of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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