YLAI Fellowship Program in USA 2024-25 | Fully Funded

YLAI Fellowship Program in the USA 2024-25 is a remarkable opportunity for emerging young entrepreneurial minds who wish to implement development projects in their home countries. You should not be a US citizen or US government employee if you apply for this  YLAI Entrepreneurial Leadership program in the United States. You must be between the ages of 25 and 35 and be a resident of the eligible participating country. Further, there will be no discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, and other aspects. You will get the housing and meal stipend, health benefits support, application fee waiver, and round-trip travel from your home country to the US and vice versa.

You will be able to work on an international platform and professionally develop your personality. This young leaders fellowship aims to empower entrepreneurs by strengthening their capacity to introduce and advance entrepreneurial ideas while effectively contributing to their home countries and other communities’ social and economic development. Since 2015, this international fellowship program has expanded the horizon of leadership and professional experience across the US.  The YLAI leadership curriculum and individualized placements have helped you make action plans to implement in the future after your return to your home country.

The fully funded fellowship in the USA intends to build professional networks, links, and long-lasting partnerships among investors that would attract huge investments and support to the entrepreneurial projections. The YLAI entrepreneurial leadership curriculum comprises online and in-person coursework based on technical training and professional development. This will help you achieve your entrepreneurial leadership goals. Moreover, the four-day welcome workshop in the United States will allow you to meet Houston fellows and become aware of the community guidelines and program policies.

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