Friends of the Globe Climate Change Adaptation Summit 2024

The Friends of the Globe Climate Action Adaptation summit Nairobi 2024 is a proposed summit on 21st – 24th August 2024 by a consortium of organisations and persons from across the globe brought together through the networks established during various global engagement in conferences, summits and expo like the Africa Climate Summit, the global peace chain summits, the ulead Summits the youth connect summit, UNEA among many others. These friends establishished a association Named the friends of the globe climate action adaptation society (FOGCAAS) and agreed to have the headquaters in Nairobi and chapters across the world, Members have diverse professional backgrounds and united by passion for climate change, In amplifying SDG 13 advocacy and engagement, there was recognized need for workable solutions and an adaptation discourse towards climate change collaboration by individual, non government organisation and government agencies. It is through candid discussions with leaders and delegates that we can promote climate resilience and adaptation solutions.

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