La Caixa Foundation Scholarships

Do you know anyone that is interested in pursing a fully funded postgraduate in Spain or Portugal with opportunity of getting citizenship after graduation?

la Caixa” Foundation grants 30 fellowships for researchers of any nationality who wish to pursue a doctorate in a STEM discipline at research centres of excellence in Spain or Portugal.

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Funding to cover labour costs, research costs and doctoral tuition fees.

On-site training programme in multidisciplinary skills.

📌Tip: The program is total of 4years and the next year making it 5years ,you will become Permanent resident or Citizen of Portugal🎉🎉 and you can move with family immediately, if you give birth in any of the two countries, your child becomes citizen. (In Portugal instantly, in Spain after 1year)

Don’t miss this if you are eligible.

How to Apply:

Search for research topics that matches your area.
and apply.

Apply on their general website, read the application guidelines and FAQS

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